© 2009-2011 Quality Eating and Drinking London Ltd


© 2009-2011 Quality Eating and Drinking London Ltd

QED's guiding principles

Raspberry chocolate brownies QED takes its name from the traditional sign-off of a mathematical proof — quod erat demonstrandum for the Latin-lovers — stating that everything is proven and in order. That’s exactly how we view the food and drink we advocate: the goodness is clear, present and proven. We do this through these five guiding principles: our stairway to quality. Explore each of these principles through the title links below.

Seasonality — producing, preparing and eating foods at their proper time.

Taste — The taste of the food or drink must lift the spirit of the taster and celebrate the quality of the product.

Artisanship — food crafted by the skill of humans working with their ingredients (rather than processing them out of all recognition): the opposite of “processed food”, which we would take to mean industrially produced in huge quantities for consumption without regard for location or season.

Integrity — holding firm to the pursuit of human-scale quality food and drink right along the chain from the grower or gatherer, so that it arrives at the consumer (each of us) clear and pure, and with intelligible labelling which allows everyone the best informed choice.

Respect — for product sources (animals and plants), the environment, producers, and consumers.

As we, and the producers and products we celebrate, continue to build on these principles, we climb the stair together towards the goal of good food for all, bringing us quality eating and drinkingQED.