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© 2009-2011 Quality Eating and Drinking London Ltd

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Salmon chancèd evening

Unfortunately, the conditions in Sea Area Channel were such that the fish man didn't make it to the Brunel Students' Market this week. We were looking forward to some decent fish, having missed the past two weeks through being away in North Carolina. After a hectic two days, encompassing a drop-off run to Gatwick and back, a memorial service, an IT conference, and the smallest hotel bathroom in the universe (my office desk is bigger), I exited the Tube at Northwood and aimed to concoct a meal from the remains of the Waitrose day. I ended up with two salmon pieces (have you any idea how difficult it is to skin a 3cm slice from a fillet?) and some green veg, from which emerged a sort of teriyaki slamon (grilled) with two stir-fries: garlic mushrooms and a broccoli-chili-sugarsnap combo. Here's how.

Marinate the skinned fillets in a two tablespoons of soy sauce (as dark as you like), one tablespoon of cream sherry (ours from Penn Yan: no, not the pickle, but in lakeside upstate NY), and a half-teaspoon of ginger juice (note for next time: throw caution to the wind and use a whole teaspoon). Two hours minimum: four if you are more organised than I am. Chop the garlic, slice the mushrooms, cut the peas in three and the broccoli into similar-sized pieces. Shred the seeded green chili. Quantities? You decide.

Make sure you are ready for anything (a pre-prandial rhum agricole with vanilla syrup, lime and ice seemed to do the trick), and get two frying pans and the grill hot. Take the salmon out of its marinade, and reserve the liquor into a pouring jug. There then follows five to seven minutes of barely-controlled chaos.

Salmon under the grill, ex-skin-side up. Neutral oil in the pan for the mushrooms; tasty oil (we used smoked rapeseed) for the greens. Garlic in the neutral oil: poke it around for a minute or so. All the greens except the florets in the interesting oil. Add mushrooms to garlic. Stir alternately (or simultaneously if you are either 100% ambidextrous or an octopus). Flip over the salmon after two or three minutes. Add florets to the green pan. Stir pans alternately (or simultaneously if etc.). Check salmon by poking: when it just about begins to stiffen, whip it out from the heat to rest. When mushrooms are just about wilted, add just enough marinade to lacquer them: when it is almost evaporated, take this pan off the heat. When the pea-pods are beginning to wilt, take that pan off the heat and douse with a splash of white wine or sherry. Serve with one stir-fry on each side of the fish.

Simple, but delicious.


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