© 2009-2011 Quality Eating and Drinking London Ltd


© 2009-2011 Quality Eating and Drinking London Ltd

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New Farmers' Market

Lfm_sw I happened to need to visit SOAS, to sort out some bits and pieces, and ran into the setting up of the inaugural Bloomsbury Farmers' Market. It takes place now every Thursday (0900-1400) in Torrington Square, between Birkbeck, SOAS and the Lubyanka (aka Senate House). There has been a University-based FM for the past year (term-time) at Queen Mary's campus in Mile End, but somehow I was never able to be in the right part of town on a Thursday morning.

Of course, the warm late summer weather helped enormously in the launch. I met up with our good friends from Woodwards Farm (and am looking forward to cooking their boned short ribs), picked up some Bath cheeses, and discovered Plumbun, with their delicious cakes (especially the peach, raspberry and amaretto crunch cake). It was the first week of term, and I was there before ten o'clock, so it was difficult to judge the student impact, but it's a good site with ample amble-room, and we wish Bloomsbury FM well.

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