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© 2009-2011 Quality Eating and Drinking London Ltd

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Enjoying food or drink: does the plate or glass matter?

That question is raised this week as we review a Duvel glass, which claims to give a better drinking experience (when drinking Duvel, of course). And until we can disprove the materials-science part of it, there are plausible lines of enquiry which might underpin the commercial claims.

But this raises similar questions about other pieces of equipment: is there a shape,and/or material for a plate which is optimal for the serving of a steak, or of a fish? There are all sorts of real or imagined factors here: differential heat conductivity, liquid runoff, etc., even before we approach the psychology of it all. Much discussion is aired on getting the tone of a restaurant right (whether that's deciding on the folds of the napery or the vividness of Ronald McDonald's trousers), and the aesthetic design of crockery, cutlery and the like is (sometimes) a subject for analysis, but form-follows-function tableware?

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