© 2009-2011 Quality Eating and Drinking London Ltd


© 2009-2011 Quality Eating and Drinking London Ltd

QED news and information

The fundamental fulcrum of QED's news and information is this website. We simply do not have the personnel available to operate in any other way. Letter-post is costly and slow by comparison (we have 'progressed' a lot since Anthony Trollope's day, when his characters could carry on a conversation by dropping letters into the pillar-boxes which the author had designed, with two or three round trips in a day). Even sending messages out to lots of people by e-mail is time-consuming (both in the sending and in the need to be careful about our readers' privacy and our use of their personal data), and in any case, the medium was never intended for one-to-many communication.

Here, then, are our main areas of news and information.

  • Alert service — you select the areas of our web information which interest you, and our friends at Google make sure you know when there's something new in one of these areas
  • QEDLife — our running commentary about QED's activities and interests is intended to be informative, but leavened by some quirky observations
  • QED reviews — of food, drink, cookbooks and equipment ... and where they pop up in the arts.
  • QED events and markets — these will be discussed in QEDLife, but they have their own areas of the website
  • QED recipes — we're not trying to be definitive in any way: these are just a few recipes which have come out of our events, or are germane to QEDLife stories, or are simply too nice to ignore

We also maintain a list of other people's words which we like.