© 2009-2011 Quality Eating and Drinking London Ltd


© 2009-2011 Quality Eating and Drinking London Ltd

QED Market

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on 25 November and 21/22 December

The atmosphere at the QED tent is so good, you'll want to dance. Here, the Fred and Ginger of SE1 take to the floor.The QED market is back!

It seems a long time since July, but the QED market strode back into town on 13 September, this time to another great location — The Regent's Park — as part of the Boomerang Pet Personality Awards event.

To tie in with this particular event, the focus of the QED market was tilted more towards quality food and drink to enjoy in the park, though our traders also brought along good things for everyone to take home.

QED stalwarts Rainha Santa brought their roast hog, while Woodwards Farm 21-day-aged beef was available as a burger to take away, or in a range of cuts from mince to rump-cover (known to the Brazilians, who revere this cut, as picanha) to take home, and the Mushroom Table similarly provided hot sandwiches (meat-free, of course) and mushrooms to take home. A fine range of smoked and cured meats (and sandwiches) was provided by newcomers The Polish Deli, and there was a cheese-and-fruit offering from La Fromagerie. For afters, the Ice Cream Union supplied their excellent confections, and there was chocolate from William Curley. All was washed down with good quality soft drinks, including apple juice pressed on the spot (an activity which fascinated young spectators).

All good quality food and drink, and it was heartening to see (from the choc-smeared cheeks and fast-disappearing kabanos) children of all ages enjoying food on the go, without any recourse to 'surrender food'.

What is a QED market like?

Just look to the top right-hand corner of this panel: it's so exciting that people break into spontaneous dancing! Alternatively, you may read our general description, and browse our market reports. But probably the easiest thing to do is to sit back, strap on your headphones (or let your computer's sound system do its stuff) and watch the video evidence of our July event at Southbank Centre Square.

Watch the QED market video