© 2009-2011 Quality Eating and Drinking London Ltd


© 2009-2011 Quality Eating and Drinking London Ltd

We like ...

We aren't ostriches here at QED: we know there is good content out there, and we'd like to think that you would be interested too. So here are some of the resources we have encountered, and which we'd like to share.

Let us be quite clear: this is not a reciprocal link facility. Requests to do this go straight into the QED bin, so there's no point in trying to promote your content to us. We are quite prepared to block offenders.

Here, then, is our very short list, The list may change, and the numbers may go down as well as up. New entries are obviously ones we have discovered, or re-discovered. If a resource falls off our list, it's not necessarily because we no longer like it. Much more likely is the scenario that it doesn't need our advocacy any more, but it may simply be a rotation to keep the list of a manageable length.

Since these links take you away from the QED website (and therefore, obviously, out of any QED responsibility for content or operation), they will open in a new window.

  • Between meals
    Michael Bauer writes for the San Francisco Chronicle. So why is QEDLondon so interested? San Francisco has a vibrant food and restaurant scene (as does London), and Michael's articles about Bay Area life and questions often lead us to ponder similarities and differences here in London.

  • Campaign for Real Farming
    Colin Tudge has been in the business of writing about agriculture for nearly thirty years, and speaks with passion and clarity, communicating in exemplary fashion to rural and urban audiences alike about many subjects, including farming's contribution to quality eating and drinking, and to the quality of life. He is based in Oxford.

  • Chocolate and Zucchini
    Clotilde Dusoulier captures a foodie's life from the middle of Paris. Again, another great city, and a touchstone for London. Also, she writes very well, has a broad range of interest, and her recipes work.

  • Eat like a girl
    Niamh brings us a London offering which is closer into the orbit of recipes than some of our other recommendations, and a bit more high-octane at times.

  • Real food lover
    UK Guild of Food Writers laureate blog from Elisabeth Winkler.

  • Word of Mouth
    The food blog of The Guardian is always full of lively debate.

We hope that you enjoy these insights into other people's writings ... but we hope that you will still come back to QED and QEDLife.