© 2009-2011 Quality Eating and Drinking London Ltd


© 2009-2011 Quality Eating and Drinking London Ltd

Keep in touch using the QED information alert service

Thanks to these nice people over at Google, we can now offer you a simple way to keep in touch with QED and our latest news. In key areas of our website, you will be able to sign up to alerts whenever we make changes to that particular area. By choosing the areas which interest you, you will be able to get the news you want, without the bits that don't particularly interest you. Of course, there's some granularity in this (just like loaf sugar!): we need to balance dividing up our site with keeping a reasonably small number of different feeds.

Why have we gone down this road? Frankly, the bloated generic e-mail newsletter has had its day. We know, lots of organisations still cling to it, but it belongs in history, like the twentieth century when it was born. The internet has moved on, and we are moving on with it. By arranging that you can be alerted, rather than pushing out e-mail to you,

  • your mailbox does not fill up: our alert notices are tiny in comparison to e-mail newsletters
  • because of the structure, they pass through spam filters which might trap a newsletter, especially if the newsletter is graphics-heavy or link-laden
  • you are always in charge: if you wish to stop receiving our alerts, simply disable the feed
  • we don't need to store your address, so your privacy has greater assurance
  • we value your time, and know that you are often too busy to wade through lots of verbiage

Subscr16 So look out for the well-known icon (left), and take advantage of our alert feeds where you see them.